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Forbes Magazine – Five Steps To Surviving The So-Called “Retail Apocalypse” by Pyramid CEO Stephen Congel

Published: 04/04/2018

Adversity creates opportunity. 

While the retail industry continues to face significant challenges—sensationalized by many as “apocalyptic”—Pyramid has been recognized by Forbes.com and the esteemed Forbes Real Estate Council for its forward-thinking approach for seeing these obstacles as tremendous opportunities for growth and transformation. 

The article highlights Pyramid’s step-by-step playbook for overcoming these obstacles and touts how Pyramid remains ahead of the curve, doing things differently, mixing tenants like never before and creating memorable guest experiences that position its centers—and tenants—to thrive decades into the future.  

In the words of Pyramid CEO Steve Congel: “Now is the time for developers to shine by differentiating themselves from the monotony that’s occurred in our industry for years to appeal to today’s travelers, tourists and trends.”

Now is the time to keep an entire industry guessing…

…what will Pyramid do next?

5 Steps To Surviving The so-Called “Retail Apocalypse” by Pyramid CEO Stephen Congel