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Name Category Phone Map Location
Abercrombie & Fitch Men's Apparel, Women's Apparel 845.298.5661 E2
Abercrombie & Fitch Men's Apparel 845.298.5661 E2
Abercrombie & Fitch Women's Apparel 845.298.5661 E2
Accessorize Children's Specialty, Jewelry & Accessories 845.218.5796 A1
Accessorize Children's Specialty 845.218.5796 A1
Accessorize Jewelry & Accessories 845.218.5796 A1
Aeropostale Men's Apparel, Women's Apparel 845.298.1573 F1
Aeropostale Men's Apparel 845.298.1573 F1
Aeropostale Women's Apparel 845.298.1573 F1
Against All Odds Men's Apparel, Women's Apparel 845.297.2180 B1
Against All Odds Men's Apparel 845.297.2180 B1
Against All Odds Women's Apparel 845.297.2180 B1
Aldo Shoes 845.297.4383 B1
American Eagle Outfitters Men's Apparel, Women's Apparel 845.298.1254 E2
American Eagle Outfitters Men's Apparel 845.298.1254 E2
American Eagle Outfitters Women's Apparel 845.298.1254 E2
ATM Machines Customer Services 845-297-7600 Upper Level by Sears
Auntie Anne's Pretzels Dining, Specialty Foods 845.297.2599 A2
Auntie Anne's Pretzels Dining 845.297.2599 A2
Auntie Anne's Pretzels Specialty Foods 845.297.2599 A2
Banana Republic Shoes 845.297.3174 E2
Bare Minerals Specialty Stores 845.297.7545 B2
Bath & Body Works and White Barn Specialty Stores 845.298.2790 C1
Beach Berry Yogurt Hut Dining, Food Court 845.297.9400 F2
Beach Berry Yogurt Hut Dining 845.297.9400 F2
Beach Berry Yogurt Hut Food Court 845.297.9400 F2
Beauty Plus Salon Services 845.296.1272 A1
Best Buy Department Stores 845.298.8077 See map
Best Buy Mobile Electronics/Music/Video 845 297 4204 B2
Bourbon Street Grill Dining, Food Court 845.632.6222 F2
Bourbon Street Grill Dining 845.632.6222 F2
Bourbon Street Grill Food Court 845.632.6222 F2
Brookstone Specialty Stores 845.298.0900 D1
Build-A-Bear Workshop Toys 845.296.1660 E1
C&C Unisex Salon Services 845.298.1249 D2
Carter's Shoes 845.218.4282 F1
Cell Ace Electronics/Music/Video 845.298.3207 A2
Charlotte Russe Shoes 845.296.1013 E2
Chic Boutique Specialty Stores 845.632.6050 E2
China Max - Coming Soon! Food Court 845.297.7600 F2
Claire's Jewelry & Accessories 845.297.0640 B2
Community Room Customer Services 845-297-7600 F2
Dick's Sporting Goods Department Stores 845.297.4767 See Map
DSW Jewelry & Accessories, Shoes 845.298.1300 See Map
DSW Jewelry & Accessories 845.298.1300 See Map
DSW Shoes 845.298.1300 See Map
Express Men's Apparel, Women's Apparel 845.297.4556 A1
Express Men's Apparel 845.297.4556 A1
Express Women's Apparel 845.297.4556 A1
Famous Footwear Shoes 845.297.2535 A1
Finish Line Shoes 845.296.0408 D1
Footlocker - New Location! Shoes 845.298.2618 A2
Forever 21 Jewelry & Accessories, Women's Apparel 845.297.1923 E2
Forever 21 Jewelry & Accessories 845.297.1923 E2
Forever 21 Women's Apparel 845.297.1923 E2
Francesca's Collections Jewelry & Accessories, Women's Apparel 845 297 2600 D2
Francesca's Collections Jewelry & Accessories 845 297 2600 D2
Francesca's Collections Women's Apparel 845 297 2600 D2
GameStop Electronics/Music/Video 845.297.5246 B2
Gertrude Hawk Chocolates Dining, Specialty Foods 845.298.8446 B1
Gertrude Hawk Chocolates Dining 845.298.8446 B1
Gertrude Hawk Chocolates Specialty Foods 845.298.8446 B1
Gloria Jean's Coffees Dining, Specialty Foods 845.297.7171 E1
Gloria Jean's Coffees Dining 845.297.7171 E1
Gloria Jean's Coffees Specialty Foods 845.297.7171 E1
GNC Specialty Foods 845.297.3619 C2
Guest Services Customer Services 845-297-7600 F2
H&M Children's Specialty, Men's Apparel, Women's Apparel 855.466.7467 See Map
H&M Children's Specialty 855.466.7467 See Map
H&M Men's Apparel 855.466.7467 See Map
H&M Women's Apparel 855.466.7467 See Map
Hallmark Gold Crown Books/Cards/Gifts 845.298.7057 A2
Hollister Men's Apparel, Women's Apparel 845.297.2891 E2
Hollister Men's Apparel 845.297.2891 E2
Hollister Women's Apparel 845.297.2891 E2
Hot Topic Men's Apparel, Specialty Stores, Women's Apparel 845.298.9461 A2
Hot Topic Men's Apparel 845.298.9461 A2
Hot Topic Specialty Stores 845.298.9461 A2
Hot Topic Women's Apparel 845.298.9461 A2
JC Penney Department Stores 845.298.0575 See Map
JCPenney Hair Salon Services 845.298.8920 C2
JCPenney Optical Services 845.298.7703 See Map
Jewel Tree Jewelry & Accessories 845.298.1244 C1
Jimmy Jazz Shoes 845.297.4939 E1
Journeys Shoes 845.297.9240 A2
Justice Children's Specialty 845.297.6029 F1
K1 Speed Entertainment 845.297.5409 G1
Kay Jewelers Jewelry & Accessories 845.297.5848 B2
Kids Footlocker - Now Open! Children's Specialty, Shoes 845.298.2080 F1
Kids Footlocker - Now Open! Children's Specialty 845.298.2080 F1
Kids Footlocker - Now Open! Shoes 845.298.2080 F1
Lane Bryant-Cacique Women's Apparel 845.632.8154 B1
LensCrafters Services 845.296.0290 C2
Les Richards Menswear Men's Apparel 845.296.1200 B2
Lids Specialty Stores 845.298.0970 A2
Little Tokyo Dining, Food Court 845.218.9047 F2
Little Tokyo Dining 845.218.9047 F2
Little Tokyo Food Court 845.218.9047 F2
Littman Jewelers Jewelry & Accessories 845.298.1217 B1
LOFT Women's Apparel 845.297.8826 B1
Macy's Department Stores 845.297.2222 See Map
Mail Box Customer Services 845-297-7600 F2
Mall Office Customer Services 845-297-7600 F2
Metro PCS Electronics/Music/Video 845 - 297 - 0484 B1
Mobile Couture Electronics/Music/Video 929.270.7688 F1
Mom's Area Customer Services 845-297-7600 F2
Mr. Smoothie Dining, Food Court 845.296.1686 F2
Mr. Smoothie Dining 845.296.1686 F2
Mr. Smoothie Food Court 845.296.1686 F2
Nathan's Dining, Food Court 845.632.1643 F2
Nathan's Dining 845.632.1643 F2
Nathan's Food Court 845.632.1643 F2
Nesberry's Caribbean Ice Cream Specialty Foods 516.316.3421 B1
NY Deli Dining, Food Court 845-298-0128 F2
NY Deli Dining 845-298-0128 F2
NY Deli Food Court 845-298-0128 F2
Old Navy Children's Specialty, Jewelry & Accessories, Maternity, Men's Apparel, Women's Apparel 845.298.4521 See Map
Old Navy Children's Specialty 845.298.4521 See Map
Old Navy Jewelry & Accessories 845.298.4521 See Map
Old Navy Maternity 845.298.4521 See Map
Old Navy Men's Apparel 845.298.4521 See Map
Old Navy Women's Apparel 845.298.4521 See Map
PacSun Men's Apparel, Women's Apparel 845.297.7240 A2
PacSun Men's Apparel 845.297.7240 A2
PacSun Women's Apparel 845.297.7240 A2
Payless ShoeSource Shoes 845.297.2594 F2
Pearle Vision Services 845.298.1288 E1
Piercing Pagoda Jewelry & Accessories 845.298.7339 B1
Piercing Pagoda Plus Jewelry & Accessories 845.298.2018 A1
Puff n' Stuff Specialty Stores 845.298.8729 A1
Radio Shack Electronics/Music/Video 845.298.0883 C2
Regal Stadium 16 Entertainment 845.297.1161 See Map
Restrooms - Department Stores 845.297.7600 Best Buy, Dick's Sporting Goods, Macy's, JCPenney, Old Navy, Sears and Target.
Restrooms - Mall Customer Services 845-297-7600 F2
Ruby Tuesday Dining, Restaurants 845.298.7620 A2
Ruby Tuesday Dining 845.298.7620 A2
Ruby Tuesday Restaurants 845.298.7620 A2
Sears Department Stores 845.298.3700 See Map
Sears Auto Center Services 845.297.3747 Located outside of the mall
Sears Hearing Center Services 845.298.3792 See Map
Sears Optical Services 845.298.3791 See Map
Security Customer Services 845-297-7600 F2
Sephora Specialty Stores 845.297.5354 E2
Sicilian Delight - Now Open! Dining, Food Court 845.298.1235 F2
Sicilian Delight - Now Open! Dining 845.298.1235 F2
Sicilian Delight - Now Open! Food Court 845.298.1235 F2
Smarte Carte Stroller Rentals Customer Services 845-297-7600 G1, A1, C1 and A2
Spencer's Books/Cards/Gifts 845.298.8652 B2
Sunglass Hut Specialty Stores 845.298.1015 C1
Taco Bell Dining, Food Court 845.297.5318 F2
Taco Bell Dining 845.297.5318 F2
Taco Bell Food Court 845.297.5318 F2
Target Department Stores 845.297.0938 See Map
Teavana Dining, Specialty Foods, Specialty Stores 845.298.0176 B1
Teavana Dining 845.298.0176 B1
Teavana Specialty Foods 845.298.0176 B1
Teavana Specialty Stores 845.298.0176 B1
The Children's Place Children's Specialty 845.298.0247 E1
The Melting Pot Dining, Restaurants 845.632.6171 C1
The Melting Pot Dining 845.632.6171 C1
The Melting Pot Restaurants 845.632.6171 C1
The Sleep Number Store by Select Specialty Stores 845.298.4800 C2
Things Remembered Books/Cards/Gifts 845.297.1187 B2
Threading Place Services 845.297.3614 C2
Torrid Specialty Stores 845.298.2396 E1
Town of Poughkeepsie Police Subs Customer Services 297-7600 G1
Tranquility Nail & Spa Services 845.298.6245 E2
Ultimate Spectacle Services 845.298.0992 B1
Unisex Hair Palace Services 845.298.3283 C2
Verizon Cellular Sales Electronics/Music/Video 845.298.2091 C1
Victoria's Secret & PINK Specialty Stores 845.297.0980 E1
Vitamin World Specialty Foods 845.297.9034 D1
Wendy's Dining, Food Court 845.297.3508 F2
Wendy's Dining 845.297.3508 F2
Wendy's Food Court 845.297.3508 F2
Wetzel's Pretzels Dining, Specialty Foods 845.297.7959 E1
Wetzel's Pretzels Dining 845.297.7959 E1
Wetzel's Pretzels Specialty Foods 845.297.7959 E1
Wheelchairs Customer Services 845-297-7600 F2
White Barn Books/Cards/Gifts, Specialty Stores 845.298.2790 C1
White Barn Books/Cards/Gifts 845.298.2790 C1
White Barn Specialty Stores 845.298.2790 C1
Yankee Candle Co. Books/Cards/Gifts 845.297.0900 B2
Zales Jewelry & Accessories 845.297.3058 B2
Zumiez Men's Apparel, Shoes, Specialty Stores, Women's Apparel 845.298.8210 A2
Zumiez Men's Apparel 845.298.8210 A2
Zumiez Shoes 845.298.8210 A2
Zumiez Specialty Stores 845.298.8210 A2
Zumiez Women's Apparel 845.298.8210 A2

Regal Stadium 16

Phone: 845.297.0785


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K1 Speed     

Phone: 845-297-5409


On the ¼ mile indoor course of K1 Speed, everyday people can enjoy the authentic real life thrill of driving high-speed and high performance electric-powered racing karts.  Out-‘n’-out competition with friends, soon to be friends and themselves at the newest and most fun-packed entertainment venue in all of Poughkeepsie, will make for a great time filled with excitement and energy.



Phone: 845-432-5739

7D Turbo Ride is a virtual reality attraction of a new generation. The attraction combines a motion platform, surround sound, 3D image and a bunch of special effects (water mist, lightning, wind, bubbles etc.). You could find similar rides in big amusement parks. The difference is that you do not need to travel anywhere. Now you can find us in your favorite shopping mall. You choose content that you want to ride from a constantly updating list of cool rides. You will get a feeling of deep immersion as ride’s storyline would be accompanied by motion of the platform and all special effects. There you'll get tones of bright emotions and immersive experience. No need to travel far. This time entertainment is coming to you.


Ruby Tuesday

Ruby Tuesday

Phone: 845.298.7620


Ruby Tuesday wants to make our Simple Fresh American Dining your favorite dining anywhere! Ruby Tuesday is driven by uncompromising freshness and quality, gracious hospitality and a growing list of Five-Star restaurants destined to be the envy of the casual dining business.


The Melting Pot

The Melting Pot

Phone: 845.632.6171


There's just something about a fondue pot that invites conversation. Invites laughter. Invites coming together. The Melting Pot is the premiere fondue restaurant where guests can enjoy a choice of fondue cooking styles and a variety of unique entrees, salads and indulgent desserts. It's up to you. Tailor your visit with a four-course dining experience including cheese fondue, salad, entree and dessert. Or, come by for fondue cheese paired with that perfect glass of wine from our extensive selection. The Melting Pot, dip into something different! 


Food Court

Beach Berry Yogurt Hut

Bourbon Street Grill

Flaming Wok

Little Tokyo

Mr. Smoothie

Nathan's Famous

New York Deli

Roman Delight Pizza

Taco Bell


What a Waffle

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Stadium 16

Phone: 845.297.0785



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